Lecture 3: An in-depth look into the breed standards of Great Britain/FCI, Australia and USA/AKC

By Viki Knowles (Australia), Kathryn Cowsert (USA) and Hannie Warendorf (the Netherlands).

Lecture 4: Breeding for diversity

by Dr. Pieter Oliehoek

Dr. ir. Pieter (P.A.) Oliehoek has been in involved in dog breeding since he was eleven years old. Because of his love for carnivores he studied biology at the International University of Wageningen (WUR). During his MSc he did an internship on separating dog breeds with the use of DNA and did his thesis on conservation of the Icelandic Sheepdog with the aid of pedigree-data and cluster analysis. Pieter was involved in the early years of the foundation of the Icelandic Sheepdog International Committee (ISIC). After three years of working as an ICT professional, he went back to the university to investigate how to genetically preserve rare livestock breeds and endangered species in captivity. He received his PhD on this topic in 2009 at the WUR. Since then Pieter is involved on projects within zoo populations on how to apply complicated theory in day to day practice. His scientific work can also be found on breedingfordiversity.com. Since 2018, he started to concentrate his full effort again on dog breeding. He is the founder of dogsglobal.com an informative website with the goal to increase health of all dogs in general and dog breeds in particular by sharing information